The Official Novelization of YSVIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

The Official Novelization of YSVIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

The Book

Lacrimosa of Dana

by Anna Kashina


The official novelization of YsVIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, a video game by Nihon Falcom Co.

When Adol Christin boards the sea liner Lombardia for what he expects to be an easy voyage across the Gaete Sea, he has no idea his journey will end in catastrophe. Shipwrecked on the mysterious Seiren Island along with a handful of other Lombardia survivors, he must face the ancient curse that had haunted Seiren for millennia and find a way to defeat it.

Adol’s search for escape brings his party to the ruins of the ancient civilization of Eternia. Among the ruins, Adol discovers a survivor, Dana, who had managed to preserve herself in a magical cocoon through her gift of Essence. But when she awakens and gradually regains her memories, Adol and his friends learn the horrible truth. Humanity is destined for destruction by the same forces that destroyed Eternia  millennia ago. Even Dana’s gift can do little to avert this fate.

Adol and Dana must join forces and throw all their powers into the fight. But will this be enough to defy the ancient gods, and the natural order of the world?

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The Author

Anna Kashina

Anna Kashina is a critically acclaimed award-winning author of “The Majat Code” series, featuring adventure, swordplay, intrigue, and romance in a historical fantasy setting. She is the author of seven fantasy novels, and an avid fan of Lacrimosa of Dana.

The Game

YsVIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Lacrimosa of Dana by Nihon Falcom Co. is part of the bestselling Ys series, featuring Adol Christin, a legendary swordsman and adventurer. This action role-playing game was first released in Japan in July 2016, and later its English-language version was published by NIS America. With its fascinating original story, music, artwork, and immersive game play, Lacrimosa of Dana continues to fascinate fans all over the world. Year 2023 marks the fifth anniversary of its English-language release.


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Key Characters

Adol Christin

A self-proclaimed adventurer, a formidable swordsman, and a young man with an instinct for trouble, Adol tends to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A lot. When he boarded the Lombaria for an easy sea voyage, he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Dana Iclucia

A powerful Essence user, Dana had achieved the highest honor of becoming the chosen Maiden of the Great Tree, a spiritual leader of Eternia equal in standing to the Queen herself. When Eternia perished in a cataclysm, she placed herself in magical stasis and survived for millennia to join Adol’s fight for the survival of his world.

Laxia von Roswell

An estranged noble lady from a ruined family, Laxia is known for her sharp tongue, her deadly rapier skill, as well as her superb knowledge of the ancient species known as Primordials, which must be defeated to escape the Curse of Seiren. Together with Sahad Nautilus, Hummel Trabaldo, and Ricotta Beldine, she accompanies Adol and Dana on their adventures.

The Isle of Seiren

A beautiful, mysterious land, this island in the Gaete sea is feared by sailors and avoided by passing ships. Every ship that approaches its shores sinks under mysterious circumstances. No human had ever visited Seiren and lived to tell the tale.

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